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Key features

Integrated E-Drive Axle

By reducing the number of high-voltage connection points by 47%, the system works with one of the industries lowest failure rates.

Power transmission efficiency is the anatomy of our direct drive design.



The three-in-one design, the drive axle, transmission shaft and motor are integrated together. A high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and control algorithms contribute to the highest possible energy conversion.

The maximum peak torque delivered by the electric motor is 3150 nm.


Battery and Charging

Durable, Safe and Intelligent

Equiped with an smart charging protection system and intelligent fault monitoring platform, the lithium iron phosphate battery is the primary source of energy powering the OHM 35 BEV.

The fault monitoring system anticipates battery overcharging, over-discharging activities and maintains a normal operating temperature, which prolongs the battery life span.

bollet.png A lightweight battery box reduces chassis weight and improves mileage.

bollet.png Our lithium iron phosphate battery offers long lifetime with safe and reliable operations.

bollet.png Our intelligent failure detection system ensures maximum battery capacity.

bollet.png Smart charging provides a real-time battery charging strategy; quick, even and safe charging.

Battery Charging

Unparalleled range performance, Unrivalled intelligence 

The lithium iron phosphate battery can be charged from 20% to 90% in only 40 minutes.

With the ability to transition during charging, the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) can exceed 280km.

Our unrivalled 241km range per charge is based on the worldwide harmonized light duty test cycle (WLTC).


bollet.png SOC 20%-90% with DC charger in 40 minutes

bollet.png WLTC distance: 241 km


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